Company Overview


CONITECH has been formed with an ultimate purpose: together realising healthy lifestyle by providing best quality drinking water for all human being.
Gathering experts and intellectuals from Malaysia, Korea, U.S.A. and China, CONITECH is committed to produce good quality products & services and strives for innovation in every aspects. At CONITECH we believe our non-compromise for quality and striving for innovation have gained tremendous trust and respect from customers all over the world.
Knowing what we represent and by maximizing our strengths, we grow from water purifier parts suppliers to a successful water purifier system designer, manufacturer and retailer with comprehensive, professional, and reliable after sales service.
CONI stands for "Clean, Olympian, Natural and Ideal" drinking water. As the name suggests, our goal is to let everyone able to enjoy drinking water that is free-from-unwanted-substance, superior, non-artificial and best-fit-for-health.
To become a truly leading global company, CONITECH aims to win trust and respect of global community by becoming a "welcomed corporate citizen". From this perspective, we are committed to increase customers value, practice openness and fairness in our daily corporate activities, provide unlimited opportunities for dealers and career development to employees and take care for environment.
Today, CONITECH's products have been exported to USA, Europe, Japan, Korea, S.E.A., India and many other countries in the world. With our strong determination and supports from the international community, CONITECH will enrich more human life with best quality drinking water.